CPSC Re-announces York International Gas Furnace Recall Due to Fire Concerns

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is reannouncing the November 2004 recall of approximately 223,600 York International gas furnaces for manufactured homes due to continuing concerns over a fire hazard-causing defect. The gas furnace may overheat, causing the heat-exchanger to crack, exposing the flames to the home’s structure and inside finish (e.g., drywall, etc.). This can cause a smoke and/or fire injury hazard to consumers.

Although no injuries have been reported, York has received 393 incident reports, including several involving substantial property damage. 366 of these reports were received after the initial recall in November 2004.

The affected products were sold nationwide as original and replacement equipment in manufactured homes between 1995 and 2000. They include Red T, Coleman Excon, and Coleman brand furnaces. All are silver with white access panels and include the brand name on the middle of the front access panel. The model number may be found on a faceplate behind both front access panels, on the left inside surface behind the lower panel. The recalled model numbers include the following:

  • DGAT070BDD
  • DGAT070BDE
  • DGAT070BDF
  • DGAM075BDD
  • DGAM075BDE
  • DGAM075BDF
  • DLAS075BDD
  • DLAS075BDE
  • DLAS075BDF
  • DGAT075BDD
  • DGAT075BDE
  • DGAT075BDF

Consumers should stop using the recalled furnaces immediately and contact Unitary Products Group (UPG) of York International Corp. to schedule a no-cost inspection and repair of the furnace.

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