CPSC Announces Recall of Real Flame Pourable Fuel Gel Due to Burn Hazards

After the initial September recall announcement of pourable fuel gels produced by nine manufacturers, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has released updated details on the recalls by Real Flame and other pourable gel fuel manufacturers. Real Flame of Wisconsin is voluntarily recalling approximately 100,000 bottles of Pourable Gel Fuel due to flash fire and burn hazards.

These defective gel fuels can ignite inadvertently and splatter onto objects and people close by when poured into a still-burning firepot. If the gel fuel splatters and ignites, it can cause a fire and/or burn injuries. Although there have not been any reported injuries caused by Real Flame gel fuels specifically, the CPSC has reports of 65 pourable gel fuel incidents which resulted in two fatalities and 34 burn injuries.

The recalled Real Flame pourable gel fuels were sold in 29.98 ounce and 29.9 ounce one-quart clear plastic bottles. They may or may not have been sold with citronella oil. The container label has a stylized flame and the words “Pourable Gel Fireplace Fuel” and “Real Flame”. The fuel is intended to be poured into a stainless steel cup in the middle of ceramic firepots, or other lighting devices, and lit. The recalled gel fuels were sold for between $10 and $13 at Target.com, JCPenny.com, Meijer.com, Amazon.com, Realflame.com, and Sears.com from January 2009 through August 2011, and include:

  • 29.9 ounce pourable gel fuel, model number 2164, SKU 752-370012641;
  • 1 quart pourable gel fuel, model number 2164, SKU 752-370012641; and
  • 29.98 ounce gel fuel with citronella, model number 2165, SKU 752-370021658.

To prevent fires and/or burn injuries in New Jersey, consumers should stop using the pourable fuel gel and return it to Real Flame for a complete refund. For additional information, consumers may contact Real Flame at (866) 918-8766 free of charge.

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