Chrysler Recalls 281,500 Vehicles for Wrong Side Deploying Airbags

As reported by, Chrysler Group LLC has issued a recall of 281,500 of its vehicles for a defect compromising the safety of its airbags. Of these vehicles, 224,000 were sold in the United States, 49,300 in Canada, 2,900 in Mexico, and 5,300 in other countries around the world.

Chrysler’s 2013 models of their Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Ram C/V Tradesman vehicles are affected by the recall. The automobiles, which were manufactured from May 10, 2012 through June 7, 2013, may contain a software error that causes the opposite side airbag to deploy in a crash. Should the vehicle be involved in a collision, the right side airbag will deploy when the left side bag should be deployed, and vice versa.

This error may leave a vehicle occupant unprotected in the event of a crash and at risk of serious injuries. Chrysler will notify owners of the affected vehicles and begin the recall in August 2013. Dealers will make adjustments to the occupant restraint control module to reset the system and prevent wrong side deployment. There will be no cost to the car owners for this remediation.

Owners can learn more about this recall by calling Chrysler at (800) 247-9753 and referencing recall campaign number N44.

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