Central New Jersey Auto Accident Injures 10

Ten people were recently injured in an auto accident in Central New Jersey. According to a Star-Ledger news report, the collision involved five vehicles and occurred on Route 27, north of Cortelyous Lane in Franklin Township. Some of the injured were transported to local hospitals and no one sustained life-threatening injuries, officials said.

Auto accidents which involve multiple vehicles can sometimes be extremely complicated to properly investigate. Investigators need to examine the actions and/or inactions of each and every driver prior to the collision, as well as road and weather conditions in order to help determine the causes of the accident. In any New Jersey auto accident, before one can even discuss compensation for any injuries sustained, it is critical to determine liability (or who is at fault).

Therefore, it is important to have the counsel and guidance of an experienced New Jersey car accident lawyer, who will examine all aspects of the incident to determine who the culpable parties are in any such accident. The at-fault party may be held liable for injuries, damages and losses suffered by those who were harmed. Compensation may be sought relative to unpaid medical expenses, disability, lost earnings, physical pain and suffering and property damage.

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