Bridgewater DUI Takes the Life of Motorist’s Fiancee

Each year, motorists nationwide are injured in traffic accidents which occurred because of alcohol intoxication. A Bridgewater, New Jersey man recently pled guilty to driving while under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and admitted responsibility for a motor vehicle accident which took the life of his fiancée. According to the website >, police investigation revealed that the man’s blood alcohol concentration was more than twice the New Jersey legal limit of 0.08; and, that the car overturned when it struck a curb.

Reckless driving, related to drug and alcohol use or not, can forever impact the lives of innocent accident victims. While such behavior is punishable by law (including license suspensions, fines and sometimes incarceration), the individual who acted irresponsibly and/or negligently can also be held liable for monetary damages associated with the accident. In all accidents where some sort of negligence was a factor in causing the accident: whether because of an impaired motorist, a poorly maintained automobile, or, because of dangerous road conditions, the negligent party should be held accountable to the injured accident victims. For that reason it is essential that a skilled New Jersey auto accident attorney be retained to ensure that all potentially negligent parties are identified.

If you or a family member have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, or, you have lost a loved one in a DWI related accident, at Blume Forte, our experienced auto accident attorneys will seek a fair recovery on your behalf. You can contact us for more information and a no-cost consultation to discuss your personal injury case at 973-845-4421.


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