Brake Problems Initiate Recall of 400,000 Honda Vehicles

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. has announced the recall of 344,000 Odyssey minivans and 68,000 Element small trucks in the United States for 2007-2008 model year vehicles. Consumer complaints have been issued to Honda regarding brake pedals that feel “soft,” or, that need to have enough pressure applied that the pedal is pressed almost to the floor before the vehicle is able to come to a halt.

Honda attributes its brake problems to air intrusion in affected vehicles’ modulators, and, an accumulation of air entering the system during the VSA self-check mode. The automaker said that the recall will allow them to modify the Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) modulators that may potentially cause “soft brake pedal,” or, “low brake pedal” condition symptoms to develop slowly overtime.

According to a article, a Honda spokesperson reportedly stated that if the brake issue is not fixed, a motorist may experience a loss in braking power, which could result in an auto accident taking place. However, seeing that the auto parts required to fix the braking problem are not yet available, owners of vehicles affected by the recall have been told to wait until the end of April for a notification letter from Honda.

In addition to the customer complaints received by Honda, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced receiving reports of three collisions involving recalled Honda vehicles due to the braking problem. These crashes resulted in minor injuries, and, no deaths have been reported. However, it is uncertain at this time how many other auto accidents involving affected Honda vehicles may have been caused by this brake problem.

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