Bicycles Recalled for Fall Hazard

More than 2,000 Felt bicycles manufactured in 2009 are being recalled. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the fork steer tube can break causing the rider to become injured. So far there have been at least seven injuries reported as a direct result of the product’s defect. The models included in this recall are the 2009 B12, 2009 B16 and the 2009 S32. These are high-end bicycles that sell for over $2,000 in specialty stores across the country. The CPSC recommends all owners of these recalled bikes to stop riding them immediately. Felt bicycle dealers are offering free inspections and repairs as part of the recall.

There are many potential dangers to bicycle riders including the possibility of a collision with a motor vehicle, and, product failure causing a cyclist to lose control or otherwise be involved in an accident.

Bicycle riders often suffer serious injuries because they have little to no protection from the hazards of the road. While wearing a helmet is crucial to a rider’s safety in helping to prevent head and facial injuries, and is often mandated by law, it will not protect cyclists from other types of injuries such as fractures, tendon and cartilage tears, and internal injuries. In addition, defective and/or poorly fitted helmets can pose a hazard and contribute to the severity of an injury.

If a defective cycling product played a role in causing your bicycle accidents and injuries, the bicycle, helmet and other manufacturers, as well as cycle retailers could be held liable for the accident and resulting injuries. If you or another family member has been injured by a defective cycling product, contact the experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers of Blume Forte for a no-cost consultation and evaluation of your potential claim. Call us at 973-845-4421.

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