Pothole Causes Accident in Medford, Judge Injured

According to a report published on nj.com, a New Jersey Supreme Court judge recently took a fall off of his bicycle and fractured his skull. Apparently, the Judge was riding his bicycle in Medford, New Jersey when he hit a pothole and was thrown from his bike. Luckily, the judge was wearing a helmet and is expected to fully recover from his injuries. He had been training for a multiple sclerosis fundraising event set to take place in Ocean City.

While the article did not discuss whether there was any problem with the bicycle, it did refer to the hazard of that a pothole played in causing in the accident. It is sometimes relatively obvious as to whom might be at fault in causing an accident. However, there are circumstances when the responsible parties are not easily identifiable. For example, in drunk-driving accidents, impaired motorists are no doubt often the cause of the accident. Occassionally, though, bars and social hosts may also be responsible for the intoxicated condition of the driver. There may also be circumstances in which accidents were caused by a defective design or manufacture of a vehicle, or, in which the vehicle was not “crashworthy” or able to protect passengers from impact injuries which should not ordinarily occur. In addition, in accidents where road conditions are responsible for causing property damage and personal injury, individuals and entities who are responsible for the maintenance of our roads and highways can be held accountable for damages and injuries to an injured motorist, bicyclist or pedestrian.

Dangerous road conditions can include but are not limited to unevenly or poorly paved roads, obstructed traffic signage, debris left over from construction/road work crews, ice, snow and pooled water. Potholes, for instance, would be an example of a condition that would constitute poorly paved and/or maintained roads. It is often the responsibility of local, county and state municipalities and others to ensure that motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are not injured as a result of the presence of potholes on our roads and highways.

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