ATV Driver Rolls Over Near Crown and Emerald

According to the website, an all-terrain vehicle accident recently left a 41-year-old Somerset, New Jersey man injured. The man required hospitalization after his Honda ATV rolled over and pinned him underneath.

There was no mention of whether or not this crash was the result of the 41-year-old’s own driving practice or some other factor. For instance, the ATV may not have been safely designed, maintained, or, in proper working order. With a vertical height relatively comparable to its horizontal length, ATVs have a high propensity for rolling over, putting operators at risk of being crushed in an accident. There have been claims brought in the past that the manufacturers of ATVs, in supplying a dangerous product to the public, should be held strictly liable under product liability laws for damages and injuries associated with accidents in which the ATV’s design was a significant causative factor.

Manufacturers have an obligation to sell products that do not create a foreseeable risk of harm to consumers. Additionally, when a particular product, such as an ATV, fails to perform as it should during normal, recommended use, then a manufacturer, product designer, and/or distributor may all be held responsible for injuries caused by the product’s defects. Parties that create and distribute a dangerous product can be held liable for monetary damages associated with an accident and any injuries sustained. These damages may not only include the cost of medical treatment and therapy, but can also include compensation for past and future wage or income loss, and, any physical pain, suffering and disfigurement.

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