Worker Sustains Serious Injuries, Breaks Both Legs in Construction Accident

A 41-year-old construction worker was seriously injured during an air test while laying pipe in a trench at a construction site. According to The New York Post, while placing a pipe in a 20-foot deep hole, workers conducted a test to check for leaks. During the test, an inflatable airbag exploded. The force of the explosion threw the man 30 feet, where he struck a wall, sustaining severe injuries, including fractures of both of his legs, and, internal chest injuries.

Potential causes of construction accident injuries like this include faulty equipment, negligent supervision, poor and inadequate training and lack of proper safety equipment.

In addition to workers’ compensation benefits an injured worker may also pursue a “third party claim” against at fault contractors, equipment manufacturers/distributors, and, companies which maintain equipment and provide training. In such cases where a third party claim is warranted, the construction accident attorneys at Blume Forte have helped numerous workers obtain fair and appropriate compensation. We also have successfully represented families of workers who have lost loved ones in construction accidents. If you have been seriously injured in a workplace accident or if you have lost a loved one on-the-job, call our law offices at 973-845-4421 for a no-cost consultation and a comprehensive evaluation of your potential claim.

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