Worker Killed in North Bergen Industrial Accident

Any job that involves heavy machinery has the potential for serious injury or even fatal workplace accidents. In North Bergen, New Jersey a 34-year-old worker was found dead, apparently crushed, between two machines at a Railroad Avenue business, according to

The worker’s body was found last Friday morning when a Prestige Exterior Maintenance employee arrived to open the business. Paramedics were immediately called to the scene, where the victim was pronounced dead. Investigators, who have ruled the unfortunate event as an industrial accident, do not know when the incident occurred, but do know that the worker failed to return home the night before. His family had gone in search of him to no avail. An Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) representative was on the scene the day the body was discovered.

Industrial machines are usually complex pieces of equipment with numerous moving parts. If any part of the machine malfunctions or is otherwise defective, it poses a significant danger to every worker who uses or may be in proximity to that machine.

The manufacturers of industrial equipment have the same responsibility as all other product manufacturers: to produce safe and properly functioning products. If a defect or malfunction causes a fatal workplace accident, then the manufacturer may be held liable for the losses the victim’s family has suffered.

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