Worker Injured in Mahwah, NJ Explosion Accident reports that a maintenance worker was injured recently in an explosion accident in Mahwah, New Jersey.

According to the article, the worker was refinishing the hardwood floors of an apartment with polyurethane with the door and windows closed, which caused fumes from the polyurethane to build up. When the apartment’s refrigerator compressor turned on, it sparked and caused an explosion so powerful, that it shattered a glass door and knocked plasterboard off of the apartment’s walls. The worker was found by police dazed but conscious, and he sustained minor burn injures in the New Jersey workplace accident.

Contractors have a responsibility to properly train and advise their workers on appropriate safety procedures, and, to oversee that work is done in a proper and safe manner. There are also certain government regulations (OSHA, for example) which must be followed by both supervisor and workers to prevent workplace injury accidents from occurring. Unfortunately, such precautions are sometimes ignored, and, as a consequence, an on the job accident can occur, causing employees to suffer injuries which can be severe, and in some cases, fatal.

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