U.S. Navy Employees Injured in Base Explosion

Recently an explosion at a U.S. Navy base injured eight employees. According to a Fox News report, the incident occurred at Weapons Station Earle in Middletown, New Jersey, resulting in one worker being hospitalized with serious injuries and the rest suffering minor injuries including smoke inhalation.

Reports indicate that the workers were inside a boathouse performing boat maintenance when the blast occurred. While no specific cause has been identified, a representative from the Navy disclosed that no ammunition was involved.

On-the-job accidents, including industrial explosions can cause severe injuries. Because of the severe nature of most explosions, many workers can be harmed in mere moments.

Often, these incidents occur when flammable materials or pressurized gases are compromised or ignited in some manner. Explosions can engulf a room or destroy an entire building. While these dangerous materials are meant to be handled carefully, the negligence of a contractor, defects in materials or machinery, and many other causes can lead to an explosion.

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