Toms River Township Public Works Employee Dies from Head Injury at Composting Facility

In March 2011, a Toms River township public works employee was killed at work while unloading a box truck, according to The Toms River Patch.

According to police, the 53-year-old man died after suffering a head injury at a leaf compost facility. Two employees notified police immediately and emergency personnel arrived soon after. The worker was declared dead at the scene of the New Jersey machinery accident.

At this particular compost facility, workers unload box trucks by using hydraulic controls to tilt them to dump loads, which often consist of mulch, leaves, and other refuse for the facility to process.

The New Jersey workplace accident is being investigated by a detective from Toms River along with a member of the township’s Safety Department.

To operate heavy equipment and machinery, workers are required to undergo special training to help prevent workplace injury accidents from occurring. However, even though such training is required of workers, machinery accidents can still occur. Often, they are the result of an unsafe work environment, inadequate training and negligent actions of workers and contractors. Machinery accidents in New Jersey can also be caused due to equipment failure, malfunction, poor maintenance or misuse. No matter the cause, machinery accidents can result in workers suffering serious injuries, including burns, loss of limbs, paralysis, brain injury and even death.

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