Study Finds Increase in Dangers as Workforce Grows Older

Recent studies have found that there are more people than ever who are working at age 60 and older, with this growing demographic especially present within the construction industry. When last surveyed during 2010, it was found that the average construction worker was 41.5 years old, which is five years older than the average found in 1985, according to a report by Engineering News Record (ENR).

It has been found that aging workers are at a greater risk of injury. This is especially the case in physical labor-focused jobs, such as construction work. The recent study by ENR looked at the safety and health of these older workers to better understand the dangers they may be facing on the job.

The study found that while older workers are less likely to be injured on the job than a younger worker, they are more likely to sustain more serious injuries when they do get hurt, and more likely to die in a work accident. It was found that 19 construction workers older than age 65 died during accidents in 2012 throughout the United States. Due to less robust health and longer recovery time, older workers may have prolonged convalescent periods after and accident, leading to more physical complications and lasting disabilities. More information about these studies and the dangers facing older workers can be found at

Construction work is a field where injuries commonly occur. However, injuries may not only result from the dangers associated with a workplace. Unfortunately, the negligence or recklessness of contractors, equipment manufacturers, and other third parties may lead to serious trauma for a worker.

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