Proper Newborn Screening Can Save Your Baby’s Life

All new parents hope for a strong and healthy baby. In order for parents to protect their child’s health, appropriate prenatal screening is essential for the diagnosis of any conditions or potential health problems. The same may be said of newborn screenings. As September was Newborn Screening Awareness Month; now is still a good time to make oneself aware of the importance of prenatal and newborn screenings and diagnosis.

Prenatal and Newborn screenings identify health conditions that can adversely affect a child’s development, long-term health, and even their survival. With early detection, diagnosis and treatment, a baby’s chances of being healthy and thriving greatly increase, and disability may be prevented.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of American babies are routinely screened for a number of conditions before they are discharged from the hospital after birth. Though newborn screening has become routine, there is no guarantee that it will be performed properly or timely. The Save Babies Through Screening Foundation stresses the importance of getting results of tests for various conditions within the first 5 days of birth, confirming those results (“confirmatory test”); as well the importance of timely treatment if necessary. A confirmatory test would decrease the risk of a misdiagnosis.

Without proper prenatal and newborn screening, children may unnecessarily suffer from debilitating and even fatal conditions. Additionally, these conditions cause undue emotional, physical and financial hardships to be placed upon the family.

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