Prenatal Care Medical Malpractice Settlement Obtained for 5-Year-Old Girl

Attorney Carol L. Forte, Esq. of the law firm Blume Forte obtained a $2,000,000 settlement in the fall of 2010 for a five-year-old girl who suffers from developmental disabilities because she was delivered more than two months early after two doctors made the choice that an emergency Caesarean Section was necessary. The girl was considerably premature at the time of her emergency delivery. It was discovered that the doctors failed to treat a cardiac abnormality in utero and performed a contraindicated premature delivery.

The girl is unable to speak more than a couple of words at a time, requires assistance when eating, is only able to consume pureed foods, and needs physical therapy for delayed motor skills and muscle weakness. The case was settled for the full extent of the insurance coverage available as both doctors only had $1 million in insurance coverage.

After 26 weeks of pregnancy, the child’s mother visited her obstetrician, who diagnosed an abnormal fetal heartbeat. However, it was asserted that the low heart rate was brought about by a blockage that could have been treated in utero. This means that the baby could have been carried to term. Moreover, the doctors should have consulted with a pediatric cardiologist before deciding that an emergency C-section was necessary. As a result of the premature delivery, the child immediately suffered serious respiratory difficulties and required the insertion of a tracheostomy tube.

Medical malpractice in New Jersey relating to prenatal care can occur due to a medical professional’s misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, miscommunication, a failure to communicate, and laboratory negligence. If your baby has suffered an injury due to improper or inadequate prenatal care, the New Jersey birth injury lawyers at Blume Forte can help. Call 973-845-4421 to speak to one of our attorneys for a no-cost consultation.

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