Port of Camden Worker Killed in Forklift Accident

A worker at the Port of Camden in New Jersey recently died after being run over by a forklift, according to a report by ABC News 6. Authorities with the Camden County Police Department stated that the worker, who was not identified, was fatally struck at the Beckett Street Terminal.

Reports indicate that the man suffered multiple traumatic injuries when he was run over by the forklift. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead by healthcare providers shortly after. No one else was reportedly injured in the workplace.

Currently, no reports have indicated what caused the accident or who was controlling the forklift.

Heavy machinery needs to be operated with care and by employees who have received extensive training in their usage. Additionally, forklift operation should be supervised by attentive employers and/or their qualified managers, supervisors or contractors.

Unfortunately, negligent contractors and employers sometimes allow serious hazardous conditions to exist in the workplace, which lead to injuries and even fatalities in workplaces across New Jersey every year. Additionally, heavy machinery accidents in New Jersey can result from defectively designed products that unexpectedly fail.

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