Paterson Auto Body Shop Fire Injures 2 Workers

Two workers suffered injuries in a recent fire that broke out in a Paterson, New Jersey auto repair shop, according to a report on the CBS New York website. Reports indicate that the two men were doing work on a vehicle at the shop when it caught fire.

While both male employees were injured, one of them was severely burned and taken to the St. Barnabas Medical Center Burn Unit for treatment.

The fire was eventually put out after it had reached three alarms, with two firefighters needing treatment for heat exhaustion.

It is currently unknown what caused the fire to break out and what conditions within the auto body shop may have caused or exacerbated the fire.

When working on heavy machinery, such as a vehicle, workers are required to not only have in-depth training, but also supervision that ensures safety is considered first and that hazardous conditions are prevented. When third party contractors or the manufacturers of defective equipment are the root of a work-related accident and resulting injury, these individuals or companies can be held responsible for injuries and damages suffered by workers and their families.

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