November Is Lung Cancer Awareness Month – What Can You Do to Stay Safe?

Since 1995, people throughout the United States have been working to support cancer survivors during Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Every November, and throughout the year, the legal team at Blume Forte focuses on how every New Jersey resident can do their part to advance research and support cancer patients and their families.

Lung cancer affects thousands of people in New Jersey every year. Only through proper diagnosis and treatment can patients and their families cope with cancer, and have the best chance to recover.

During Lung Cancer Awareness Month, people can support cancer survivors and raise money to help improve healthcare for those struggling with the disease. Events held across the country include the Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil, as well as individual events sponsored by Lung Cancer Alliance.

Lung Cancer Alliance is also sponsoring Team Lung Love, an endurance training team made up of lung cancer survivors, their family members, and others. These teams take part in running, swimming, biking, walking, and more in order to raise economic support for lung cancer survivors.

There are many other ways to take part in Lung Cancer Awareness Month, including submitting photos for Faces of Lung Cancer, sharing your story of coping with cancer online, and encouraging politicians in your state to declare November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

No matter what stage your lung cancer may be at when diagnosed, you will need medical care tailored to your condition in order to have the best chance of eradicating the disease. However, any misdiagnosis or failure to timely diagnose your cancer by a healthcare professional can impede proper care and lead to a worsened prognosis for survivability.

If you or a loved one has suffered complications from a medical professional’s misdiagnosis of your cancer, get in touch with the legal team at Blume Forte. Our NJ failure to diagnose lung cancer lawyers have worked with countless patients and their families in order to aid in their recovery, and protect their economic stability and needs. To learn more through a no-cost consultation, call us at 973-845-4421.

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