23 Hospitalized After 5 NJ School Buses Smash Into Each Other

School Bus in New JerseyEmergency personnel from all around Burlington County assisted in helping respond to a serious accident involving at least five school buses.

Five New Jersey School Buses Collide

When officials learned about a motor vehicle collision involving five school buses and numerous children, multiple agencies nearby Burlington Country responded to help provide immediate emergency care to the kids and school staff. A triage station was set up on-scene to evaluate everyone’s status, and most of the children and staff were quickly released. Unfortunately, the multi-bus crash resulted in minor injuries that required further treatment at nearby hospitals for 23 passengers.

Neither the local police nor the JCC Medford Day Camp have made further statements about the bus accident. Investigators are looking into the cause of the accident, but photographic evidence clearly shows extensive damage to the front and rear ends of at least four of the five buses. While nothing has been confirmed, it appears the buses all crashed into each other in a chain reaction.

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