New Systems for Inhaled Lung Cancer Treatment Created in New Jersey

According to a report posted on, researchers from the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Rutgers University, and Oregon State University announced that they have created a new system which allows cancer patients to inhale chemotherapy medications. The new method of administration is intended to help lung cancer patients use chemotherapy medications with fewer toxic side effects.

Using this new method of medication delivery, a patient will inhale nanoparticles of the drugs directly to the lungs in an attempt to have them attach to cancer cells. When injected into the bloodstream, chemotherapy drugs often deposit in the kidney, spleen, and liver tissues which can lead to organ damage and lessen the effect of the therapy.

Additionally, the nanoparticles delivered by the inhalation system include an interfering RNA that is meant to control and repress genes; reducing the resistance of cancer cells and preventing the drugs from being expelled.

During the course of the study, animal trials showed that 83 percent of the drug reached the lungs when using the new system, as opposed to 23 percent when using the intravenous method. Currently, researchers involved in the study have applied for a patent on the inhalation system technology and are hoping to eventually move on to human trials.

Lung cancer is a serious disease that requires efficient timely diagnosis and treatment. Improvements in medical care can be of great value to the well-being of a patient. However, that benefit still relies upon prompt diagnosis on the part of healthcare providers. Should a misdiagnosis or a complete lack of diagnosis occur, precious time can be lost to treat the cancer and it can allow the disease process to progress to a degree where the prognosis is affected.

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