New Jersey Worker Injured in Fall from Roof

A New Jersey construction worker working on the roof of a commercial building was recently injured after he fell through the roof. According to a report in The Times of Trenton, the construction accident occurred at a Burlington Coat Factory store on Route 130 in Florence Township, New Jersey. Officials reported that the man fell through an opening in the roof of the building, and fell into wet concrete as it was being poured.

Information has not been made available regarding how the accident occurred or what condition the worker was in after the fall. It is also not clear what type of safety devices were provided before the man started working on the roof.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 775 work-related deaths in the private construction sector in the year 2012. That is a five percent increase from the 738 deaths in 2011. Victims of these types of accidents are most often laborers followed by first-line construction supervisors, electricians, and roofers.

Many of the most serious construction accidents involve falls. Falls were responsible for the deaths of 668 workers in 2012. In construction, these types of incidents are more often fatal because workers frequently operate from higher elevations on scaffolds and roofs that may be in various states of disrepair.

It is absolutely vital for the safety of New Jersey construction workers for supervisors and property owners to regularly and timely evaluate the safety of a work site. Warnings should be placed around known hazardous areas, workers must be provided with proper safety gear, and where appropriate, safety nets and harnesses should be utilized.

Anyone injured in a New Jersey construction accident would be well advised to research his or her legal options. Workers’ compensation benefits may be available to help cover the costs related to medical care and possibly a portion of the worker’s lost wages. An experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer at Blume Forte may be able to better guide injured workers and their families as they pursue a potential claim. Contact us now.

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