New Jersey Tree Trimmers Injured During Power Line Contact

According to an Associated Press article posted on, two New Jersey tree service workers were recently injured when they came into contact with a power line during work. Both men suffered traumatic injuries that required hospitalization.

Apparently one of the workers was on a ladder trimming a tree when he contacted the power line. The contact electrocuted him and inflicted burn injuries. The force of the electrocution caused him to fall from the ladder to the ground below, sustaining further trauma. A co-worker standing below sustained leg injuries when he tried to catch the falling man.

Electrocution and falls due to workplace hazards occur frequently in many types of jobs, especially those involving manufacturing, construction and/or those associated with physical labor. When workers are unaware of or unprotected from workplace hazards, they can suffer severe injuries. Electrocution can cause serious external injuries such as burns in addition to damage to internal organs. Falls can cause injury to any part of the body.

Contractors and property owners and management have respective duties to prevent the occurrence of these incidents by properly training workers, warning them about hazards, removing hazards, and protecting workers with properly functioning safety equipment. If they do not take proper precautions, they can be held responsible for those who have been harmed because of their negligence.

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