New Jersey Tree Cutter Injured in Falling Crane

A man working for Central Jersey Tree Experts was seriously injured when the crane he was in toppled while he was cutting trees. As reported by My Central Jersey, the worker was thrown from the crane and suffered injuries to the face and hands while cutting trees at a home in Spotswood, New Jersey.

Reports indicate that the New Jersey crane accident occurred when the crane tipped and landed on a house while a heavy limb was being cut down. While no one inside the house suffered physical harm, the tree service worker who was injured was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

A tow truck needed to be brought in to bring the crane upright again.

It is currently unknown what caused the crane to topple. In accidents such as these, there may be multiple causes. If the crane was defectively manufactured or designed, it could be unstable and unfit to retain the weight of a heavy branch or be extended out to greater lengths. Additionally, the negligent actions of contractors supervising or performing the work may have caused the crane to become off-balance or to be used in a dangerous manner.

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