New Jersey Transit Worker Suffers Electric Shock from Power Line

A New Jersey Transit train worker was injured last weekend in an electrical accident, according to The Associated Press. The train worker was exposed to an electrical flash when he attempted to remove a foreign object that was tangled in an overhead power line. He was treated at Jersey City Medical Center, but was not seriously injured. The train was evacuated and its passengers boarded another train.

Electrical accidents in New Jersey can result in a variety of injuries, including burns, cardiac arrest, sight and/or hearing loss and even death. To help reduce the risk of significant injuries, there are safety standards for electrical systems. However, even when these standards are met, electrical accident injuries may be the result of negligent maintenance or repair of electrical systems on the part the system’s owner or subcontractors. When the systems are not properly inspected, maintained or repaired, it can create an electrocution hazard for those performing electrical work.

When a New Jersey worker is injured or dies as a result of an electrical accident due to the negligence of another, those who suffer harm may be able to seek compensation by pursuing a personal injury claim against the responsible parties.

The experienced New Jersey electrical accident attorneys at Blume Forte can help those injured in New Jersey electrical accidents hold responsible parties accountable for the damage they cause, and, obtain recoveries for victims of meritorious negligence claims. To discuss your potential claim and to learn more about your legal options, call us at 973-845-4421 for a no-cost consultation.

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