New Jersey Trader Joe’s Worker Hurt When Car Crashes into Store

A Trader Joe’s worker in Westwood, New Jersey was severely hurt when she was struck by a car in front of the store. The vehicle then continued on to crash through the storefront. According to an article and video report posted on NBC New, the force of the crash sent her through a store window and pinned her leg between the car and a shopping cart corral.

The incident occurred when the worker was nearing the end of her shift and was outside collecting shopping carts. An elderly woman pulling out of a handicapped parking spot lost control of her vehicle and quickly drove forward striking the worker, etc. People in the store quickly rushed to the woman who was struck and applied first aid while waiting for paramedics. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and underwent surgery, but the full scope of her injuries was not reported.

While not the most common work-related accident, car accidents result in serious injuries to numerous workers every year. If the injuries caused are a result of negligence on the part of a business owner or manager, property manager, or, even if caused by a non-employee, injured workers have the right to pursue compensation for their economic losses and injuries.

At Blume Forte, we have helped countless New Jersey workers who have been harmed by a third party while on the job.

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