New Jersey Radio Legend Suffers Career-Ending Injury

As people age, they can become more prone to injury.  Elderly people, even if healthy, are more prone to falls and other accidents. Most injuries will heal, even at an advanced age. However, some can be life altering or life threatening.

At a more advanced age, a slip and fall injury can profoundly affect one’s life.  New Jersey radio’s Jim Gearhart of 101.5 FM suffered a serious concussion in September of 2015 when he slipped and fell in his own home.  Early this December, the radio veteran announced he would be retiring from his long time home at WKXW. Gearhart had been in broadcasting for over a half century. He’d spent the last 25 years as the morning drive radio talk show host on WKXW. Chasing News host, Bill Spadea, has replaced the injured Gearhart on the air each morning.

Not all concussions are career ending or significantly life altering for that matter.  However, if you have suffered an injury because of a slip and fall, or any accident, you may be able to file a claim for your injuries and damages including medical care costs and lost wages. You’ll need an experienced personal injury attorney to assist you and to help protect your rights.

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