New Jersey Laundry Company Penalized for Safety Violations

In November of 2011, a 24-year old man had just begun his nightly shift at the Prestige Laundry Company when the line he was working on broke down. A conveyor-belt like device, known as a shuttle, stopped moving dirty towels and was backing up production. To get things moving, the young man climbed into the machine and attempted to repair it. Tragically, the machine restarted while he was still inside and he was crushed to death. Shortly after, the Occupational Safety And Hazard Administration (OSHA) began an investigation. Prestige has been put on notice.

Now, another commercial cleaning facility, headquartered in Lyndhurst, is facing sanctions and fines for the same reasons that caused the 2011 death. OSHA has levied fines totaling $305,000 against the company for severe safety violations. These violations include the complete absence of machine lockout procedures, serious electrical hazards, and providing dangerous exit routes. OSHA’s New York regional director said, “It is unacceptable when a company continues to neglect basic safety and health procedures, especially after experiencing a fatality.”

Unfortunately, until standards are brought up to code, OSHA believes the company remains a health risk for anyone who works there.

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