New Jersey Gas Pipeline Plant Explosion Injures 2

According to a story posted on, two workers who were welding part of an inactive gas pipeline were injured in an explosion at a natural gas facility in New Jersey. The blast occurred at the Williams Co. compression station in Branchburg, New Jersey around 7:00 p.m. The company is currently building a 6.6-mile-long pipeline extension in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident and have not yet determined the cause.

A spokesman with the company said that the injuries of the welders were not life threatening and that natural gas service from the station was not disrupted by the explosion.

Worksite explosions can have many different causes, and construction contain different hazards which could lead to this type of an accident. Often, construction and industrial sites house natural gas, fuels, or hazardous chemicals which require careful planning and supervision. Many mishaps of the nature referenced can be avoided when proper care is taken by workers, their employers and property owners.

When workers, employers and/or property owners are neglectful in their duties, there is an increased risk of hazardous conditions including the potential for explosion. Additionally, defective products may fail, and a failure to ensure the use of proper safety precautions and equipment may increase hazards without the knowledge of those working on or near the premises. Whatever the cause may be, an on-the-job explosion can cause burns and other severe injuries.

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