New Jersey Extends Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse

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Recent news trends and exposed controversies have revealed deep seeded issues within our society. Has sexual abuse been rampant and, for the most part, kept quiet all these years? Movements like #MeToo alongside dozens of highly publicized arrests suggest that may be the case. States are responding to these movements in different ways. New Jersey, for example, has decided to extend the statute of limitations for pursuing a case against clergy sexual abuse.

New Jersey Makes Bold Move to Extend Statute of Limitations for Sex Abuse

Many adult victims who are coming forward with their stories can’t seek justice because the statute of limitations has already expired. In many situations, the adult victim has only recently come to terms with what happened to them during childhood or earlier in their lives. Once they are strong enough to seek justice, many learn that the time limit for pursuing a civil case has expired. Experts suggest that the Catholic Church has been one of the biggest organizations who have lobbied against similar legislation in the past. With the recent revelations about the Catholic church coming to light, it’s clear why they’ve never wanted such measures to be approved in the past.

In response, New Jersey introduced a bill that would allow abused children to seek justice up until they’re 55 years old or within seven years of realizing what they experienced was abuse. This shift would give power to many victims who experienced institutionalized abuse at a young age. Several other states are also considering similar legislation.

National News: Sex Scandals Everywhere

New Jersey’s push for this recent extension comes in large part because of the sweeping amount of news stories about sex crimes that have surfaced over the last decade. Here are just a few of the more recent scandals:

  • Exposure of widespread abuse in the Catholic Church
  • Revelations of rampant sexual abuse in Boy Scout organizations
  • Sexual assault and abuse in Hollywood and mainstream media organizations
  • Allegations against the late Michael Jackson
  • Arrest and conviction of superstar Bill Cosby

While some of these publicized cases are isolated incidents, many of them reveal a disturbing truth about how our society functioned in the past. To make a change, victims must continue to come forward with their stories and pursue justice against their abusers.

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