New Jersey Construction Worker Seriously Injured by Falling Air Conditioner

A construction site worker was seriously injured when an air conditioner fell 15 stories from a window and struck him. According to My9News, the workplace accident occurred in West New York, New Jersey. The 24-year-old worker was performing his job at an adjacent building when the air conditioner unit fell from a high-rise. The worker was transported to a nearby hospital where he was listed in critical but stable condition.

The construction industry presents numerous potential hazards for workers; inexperienced and/or poorly supervised workers, defective or malfunctioning equipment, and, a lack of proper safety equipment may all put workers at risk for serious injury. When someone is injured in a New Jersey construction site accident, they may file a claim for workers compensation benefits to cover medical costs and loss of earnings fro any resulting disability.

Often, workers compensation benefits are inadequate when it comes to providing adequate compensation for those who suffer serious injuries. In such cases, injured New Jersey workers should speak with a personal injury attorney, to investigate the potential for a third-party claim on behalf of the worker and his/her family. A knowledgeable New Jersey workplace accident lawyer will assist you in determining if there was negligence on the part of someone other than the worker’s employer. Such entities might include a contactor, sub-contractor, equipment maintenance firm or the manufacturer or distributor of a defective designed or manufactured product.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident in New Jersey, contact the New Jersey construction accident injury attorneys of Blume Forte. Call us at 973-845-4421 for a no-cost consultation and comprehensive evaluation of your potential workplace injury claim.

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