New Jersey Construction Worker Injured in Fall

Injuries while on the job are not uncommon occurrences throughout the State of New Jersey, especially in construction work where it always seems like there is a new building being erected somewhere. Those in charge of a construction site, whether it be a contractor, a sub-contractor, or other employer, are required to maintain certain standards of safety for those working at construction sites. However, if these standards are not met, the risk of injury increases significantly.

Falls are some of the most common types of construction site accidents, and can lead to spinal injuries, paralysis, broken bones, head injuries, and death. According to a report from, a construction worker suffered a fractured femur and neck after falling 30 feet from a home’s roof in Montgomery Township. Apparently, the construction worker fell out of a window while attempting to alter scaffolding on the site. The worker was airlifted to a local hospital to receive treatment. Although the construction worker in this accident was reported to be in stable condition, many construction workers involved in similar accidents are not as fortunate.

Construction workers who are injured on the job due to safety violations may have legal rights to compensation. When a contractor’s negligence contributes to a construction accident, injured workers may be able to seek monetary recovery to help pay the costs associated with medical bills, loss of wages, job retraining, etc. However, injured construction workers often require assistance from a legal professional to protect their rights and receive just compensation.

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