New Jersey Construction Worker Injured by Chop Saw, Saved by State Trooper

A construction worker was seriously injured while working in the median of the Garden State Parkway, but was rescued by a police officer, according to The man received a deep laceration when the chopsaw he was working with malfunctioned and hit him in the chest.

According to reports, the 31-year-old construction worker was working with the chopsaw when the device bounced back at him and struck him in the chest. An emergency call went out from the scene, which led to a nearby New Jersey State Police trooper responding. When he arrived, the trooper applied QuikClot to the chest wound to stop the bleeding and stabilized the worker. QuikClot is a trauma response product that helps speed up the body’s clotting process to stop severe bleeding when applied to a wound.

The construction worker is now recovering at a local hospital and reports indicate that he might have died if not for the officer’s help.

While it is not fully known how or why this serious construction accident happened, power tools like a chop saw, are known to cause devastating injuries if used improperly or malfunction. If such a product is defectively designed or manufactured, or if a worker is not properly trained or provided with safety equipment, these flaws can cause injury to those using it. If contractors do not properly train workers in using such a tool, inexperience and lack of knowledge can lead to improper handling, resulting in an accident.

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