New Jersey Clothing Firm Faces Fines for Health and Safety Violations

A New Jersey apparel manufacturer is facing a $43,150 fine from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for several health and safety violations, including overexposure to methylene chloride at one of its facilities. According to an Occupational Health and Safety report, officials inspected the facility after receiving a tip from one of the firm’s employees. As a result of the inspections the manufacturer was cited with 20 violations.

One of the New Jersey workplace safety violations included a failure to keep fire exits accessible. The inspections also revealed that workers did not have proper equipment and were not provided appropriate training with regard to the handling of methylene chloride. The chemical has the potential risk to cause cancer and heart problems, as well as links to adverse effects on the central nervous system, liver, eyes and skin.

Under federal and state law, every employee is entitled to a safe working environment. If you have suffered health problems on the job as a result of exposure to dangerous chemicals, you may have legal right to hold those responsible for creating that exposure, or failing to protect you against it, liable for compensatory and possibly other damages.

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