New Jersey Cancer Patients Now Have Access to Proton Therapy

According to an article posted on, cancer patients in New Jersey will no longer need to travel to Philadelphia to receive a relatively new form of cancer treatment called proton therapy, which treats the cancer cells with minimal impact to the surrounding healthy tissue. There are now two proton therapy facilities in New Jersey, one of which is in Somerset. Proton beam therapy is most often prescribed to treat prostate cancer.

The protons target cancer cells directly, with less damage to healthy tissue, or, in the case of children, growing tissue. Proton therapy is therefore considered promising for treating pediatric cancers. It can also be used to treat difficult to reach tumors in the neck, head, brain, and lungs.

While there may be benefits to proton therapy as treatment for certain cancers, it is still a rare treatment option. Ultimately, it is a healthcare professional’s job to determine the most effective treatment for their patients, whether that is proton therapy, radiation therapy, surgery and/or chemotherapy. Prescribing ineffective or contraindicated cancer treatment can adversely affect a patient’s prognosis to a significant degree.

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