Middlesex Doctor’s License Temporarily Suspended for Reusing Disposable Catheters

PATIENT ALERT — Middlesex Doctor’s License Temporarily Suspended for Allegedly Reusing Disposable Anorectal Catheters on Multiple Patients

The NJ Attorney General’s Office and Division of Consumer Affairs has announced that the State Board of  Medical Examiners has temporarily suspended the license of Dr. Sanjiv K. Patankar MD of East Brunswick NJ. The doctor has allegedly been reusing disposable flexible catheters on multiple patients for an extended period of time thus jeopardizing his patient’s health and safety.

Patients of Dr. Patankar’s who underwent “Anorectal Manometry.” a procedure to evaluate patients with constipation, fecal incontinence, or other possible disorders, are now at risk for HIV, hepatitis and infectious disorders carried by bodily fluid. These patients will need medical monitoring.

If you or a loved one has been a patient of Dr. Patankar and underwent a surgical procedure involving the use of a disposable catheter, please contact us to discuss your legal rights. There is no charge for the consultation.