Middlesex County Workers’ Memorial Day Honors Employees Killed on the Job

Officials and residents from Middlesex County recently met in Sayreville for a solemn ceremony that recognized all who have died while working in New Jersey. As reported by The New Brunswick Patch, a total of 36 New Jersey residents died in 2012 while working.

Workers’ Memorial Day was established in 1989 and highlights the preventable nature of many workplace accidents and illnesses. The slogan of this solemn day is “Remember the dead – Fight for the living.”

At the Middlesex County ceremony, a letter from US Representative Frank Pallone, Jr. was read, in which he stated “Today’s service is an important reminder of the risks workers face on a daily basis and the need to continue to improve workers’ health and well-being.” State Assemblyman Craig J. Coughlin stated, “This day is important; remembering those men and women who go to work every day as we redouble our efforts to advocate for worker safety, ensuring those same men and women make it home safely each night.”

In addition to the 36 on-the-job deaths that occurred in New Jersey during 2012, the ceremony honored the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Officer who was killed after the Boston Marathon bombing and the nine emergency service workers who died when responding to the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

Bringing awareness to dangers at the workplace can help compel business owners and workers to strive for a safer work environment; in an effort to eliminate work related hazards that may endanger lives or cause injuries. Poorly maintained equipment, or even minor mistakes or a failure to use all safeguards with a piece of dangerous equipment can lead to fatal injuries; and those who have not received proper training are at a higher likelihood of being harmed or harming others unintentionally.

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