Medical Benefits for Injured Workers in New Jersey

When a worker is injured on the job, one of the biggest concerns for the injured worker and his or her family is covering medical expenses. New Jersey workers’ compensation insurance can help pay medical bills related to the injury.

The medical benefits that are part of workers’ compensation include all hospital and medical treatments that are necessary to diagnose and treat your on-the-job injury, such as doctor’s office visits, prescription medications, surgery, medical devices, and the costs of hospitalization.

You should also be able to receive rehabilitation benefits pay if you require physical therapy to regain lost strength, mobility or function. Some forms of therapy help recover strength while others can help regain the function and skills you need to return to work.

It is important to remember that you may not receive any of these medical benefits if you do not properly report your injuries or if you fail to follow the protocols set forth by your employer and the worker’s compensation insurance carrier. For example, you may not be entitled to choose the doctor who will examine, treat or order testing for you.  You may need to utilize the healthcare providers prescribed by your workers’ compensation insurance.  If you fail to visit an authorized, worker’s compensation approved medical professional, your claim may be denied.

Medical benefits are just a part of workers’ compensation coverage. You may also seek support for your lost wages during temporary or total permanent disability.  The amount of compensation you receive will depend on whether you are able to work in some capacity or if you are unable to perform any type of work because of your injuries.

If you have been denied medical or wage benefits, it would be in your best interest to obtain more information about pursuing your legal rights. The experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Blume Forte can help you act quickly and protect your rights.  Contact us for a no-cost case evaluation.  Please do not hesitate to call us at (973)635-5400.

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