Industrial Fire and Explosion at New Jersey Linde Electronics and Specialty Gas Plant

A massive New Jersey industrial explosion occurred at the Linde North America plant in Alpha as the result of a fire in an outdoor area where various gas and chemical containers are stored. The explosion occurred in one of the solvent-filled containers. According to The Express-Times, the fire and explosion prompted officials to warn residents to remain indoors due to potential chemical exposure; however, once emergency officials completed their air tests, there was determined to be no health risk. An investigation is ongoing to identify the cause of the fire.

Industrial explosions can cause serious injuries to workers and are potentially dangerous to the general public in the surrounding communities. Workers injured in an industrial explosion can sustain severe burn injuries, head injuries, fractures and injuries to internal organs. When an explosion occurs indoors, the possibility of building collapse also increases, as does the risk of serious injury or death for those visiting the premises.

There are various causes of industrial explosions, including unsafe storage practices and inadequate safety training. When combustibles are involved, it is required that industrial companies follow safety and storage regulations to minimize the likelihood of leakage and explosion, and, thereby reduce the chances of serious injury.

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