Honda Recalls 250,000 Vehicles Due to Dangerous Brake Defect

Almost 250,000 Honda and Acura vehicles are being recalled worldwide due to a defect that causes inadvertent braking, according to an article posted on Safety advocate Sean Kane stated that this recall points to the bigger issue of overly-complex vehicle electronics.

Honda is recalling 183,000 model year 2005 vehicles in the U.S., including 60,000 Acura MDX SUVs, 21,000 Acura RL sedans, and 101,000 Pilot SUVs. Model year 2006 Acura MDX vehicles are also included in the recall.

According to Honda, the defect involves the vehicle’s stability control system, which aids the driver in keeping control of the vehicle by selectively applying braking with its “brake assist” feature. This braking is designed to reduce stopping distances during emergency braking. A loose bolt or wiring oxidation can cause the system to suddenly apply the brakes, increasing the chances that the driver may lose control of the vehicle or be involved in an injury accident.

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