Fire & Explosion Accident at Parsippany Tire Store Injures Two

The Daily Record reported that in February 2011, an explosion accident at a tire store in Parsippany, NJ left two workers injured.

According to the article, the accident occurred when an employee, who was working on a motor vehicle’s fuel pump in the tire store’s garage service area, removed a wire from the fuel pump’s harness, which caused a stream of current to ignite some fuel. Another employee, attempted to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. However, the force of the discharge from the extinguisher caused a tray that contained gasoline from a gas tank to fall, further fuel the blaze, and triggered the explosion.

The employee who was working on the fuel pump sustained burn injuries to his hands, for which he received treatment at a local hospital and was later released. The worker who had operated the fire extinguisher sustained severe burns to his legs and hands and was listed in serious, but stable condition at the hospital later that day.

It took firefighters about an hour to control the fire, and the tire store sustained significant damage in this workplace explosion accident.

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