Family of N.J. Man Killed on I-287 Settles for $1.8M

drunk driving accident lawyer chatham njBack in 2014, a horrific tragedy killed 47-year-old Salvatore Sarrecchia. Now, the victim’s surviving loved ones have finally gotten closure on the years-long lawsuit they have pursed against the state.

The family is expected to receive around $1.8 million in compensation for the wrongful death of Sarrechia.

The Accident

On May 18th, 2014, Sarrecchia was driving home with his wife, Nicole, at around 2 A.M. Unbeknownst to him, a vehicle ahead of him had accidentally struck a guard rail. The driver of that car, 25-year-old Calvin Luk, had exited his vehicle.

Suddenly, Sarrecchia noticed the abandoned vehicle in both the center and right lanes at a complete stop. Unable to brake in time, he smashed into the car. After the accident, Sarrecchia exited his car to evaluate the situation. His wife, Nicole, suffered minor injuries during the crash, so she waited for him inside their car.

The Tragedy

Minutes later, Sargent Lawrence Lynn approached the accident scene in a marked Department of Health and Human Services vehicle. According to at least two witnesses, the police officer had turned on the emergency lights on the SUV as he drew closer to the scene. It was later revealed that Lynn had not been called out to the accident scene, and he was on his way to conduct other business.

Sarrecchia was still standing outside of his vehicle when he was hit by the incoming car. Sarrecchia, his wife, Calvin Luck and officer Lynn were all injured after the ordeal. They were all rushed to Morristown Medical Center for treatment, but Sarrecchia was pronounced deceased a short time later. Police did discover that he had been driving under the influence, and his blood alcohol content was recorded as .13.

The Settlement

Luk, the driver whose mistake initiated the whole ordeal, was later found to be driving while intoxicated. He was criminally charged for his actions that ultimately resulted in the death of Sarrecchia.

Sarrecchia’s family members decided to pursue a lawsuit against both the state and the intoxicated driver. They filed the lawsuit in Morris County.

Just two weeks before the case’s trial date, an agreement was reached during a pretrial conference. The settlement provides Sarrecchia’s minor children and other family members with nearly $1.8 million in compensation. The state is expected to pay out $1.7 million, and Luk’s insurance provider will be giving the family $100,000.

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