DuPont Agrees to Test for Chemicals in Contaminated Pompton Lakes Area

An explosives factory ran by the DuPont Chemical company, which operated for many decades in the Pompton Lakes area of New Jersey, left contaminated groundwater under 400 homes in the 1980s. According to an article on, the cleanup has yet to be completed; however, progress has been made and the company has agreed to test for 61 chemicals in both the indoor air and sub-slabs of residents’ homes. Previously, DuPont had only agreed to test for 10 chemicals in sub-slabs.

An environmental group started by a Pompton Lakes resident, Citizens for a Clean Pompton Lakes (CCPL), began a letter writing campaign to state officials asking for help with regard to the New Jersey toxic exposure tests. On December 1, 2010 good news came to the group from DuPont stating that it would test for all 61 chemicals in both indoor air and sub-slabs underneath houses. However, in a statement from DuPont’s Public Affairs Manager, while the company will test for all 61 chemicals in the sub-slabs, they will only take responsibility for the removal of the original 10 chemicals.

Two years ago, test samples showed the presence of two chemicals in the air released from the contaminated groundwater, one being Tetrachloroethene (PCE), an ingredient found in dry-cleaning solutions, and, the other, Trichloroethene (TCE), a chemical found in scented candles.

Studies of the area have indicated a higher rate of cancer cases. There is no confirmation that the vapors are the direct cause of the types of cancer found in the area at increased rates, but these chemicals areknown to cause cancer.

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