Drug Company Found Liable in Breast Cancer Trial

An Alabama woman was awarded $9.45 million in damages after a jury decided that Wyeth’s (now Pfizer’s) hormone replacement drug, Prempro, caused her breast cancer. The Philadelphia Inquirerreports that the woman was awarded $6 million in punitive damages and $3.25 million in compensatory damages. The plaintiff was taking Prempro when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the most recent numbers available show that in 2005 alone, 186,467 women were diagnosed with breast cancer and 41,116 women died of the disease.

In 2002, a study linked Prempro to breast cancer. Now, Pfizer is facing more than 8,000 Prempro lawsuits nationwide.

In this case, the jury agreed that Prempro caused the woman’s breast cancer. The drug maker may appeal the jury’s decision. However, the case sheds light on the potential risks and dangerous side effects associated with the drug Prempro and other hormone replacement therapies.

Prempro is a combination of Premarin (estrogen) and Provera (progestin). Six million women took the medication to treat symptoms and conditions associated with menopause.

Getting ill because of a medication which is supposed to make you healthier can be confusing. The consequences of taking poorly tested or improperly prescribed medications can be quite significant, or, deadly.

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