Drug Addiction Risks and Resulting Injuries

What are Drugs?

Drugs – legal or otherwise – are everywhere. Whether on the streets, at pharmacies or at the hospital, drugs are readily available for most people. So, what are drugs? In the most basic sense, they are chemicals that can affect a user’s body and central nervous system. Naturally, different drugs have different effects and each person can react differently to the drug in a number of ways, often depending upon the dose.

Unfortunately, the availability of both legal and illegal substances has led to their abuse and to addiction. In fact, more than seven (7) million people in the United States suffer from a drug disorder, and many drug addictions have led to fatal overdose deaths, including in New Jersey.

Addiction Is Not Just for Illegal Drug Users

It is a common misconception that all those who fall victim to drug abuse or addiction do so as a result of using illegal narcotics like heroin or cocaine. Rather, a large proportion of drug abusers in NJ fall victim to drugs that they obtained legally. Sometimes, a doctor, pharmacist or other medical professional will prescribe a drug, such as an opioid, for a patient’s use. It could be oxycodone, codeine, morphine, or hydrocodone, all of which are highly addictive, legal opioids. These medical professionals might incorrectly overprescribe painkillers or other opioids to patients, resulting in dependency and addiction.

These types of medication prescription errors can result in injury or even death. Some who have become addicted to a drug eventually overdose, which can lead to a severe brain injury or even death.

In such circumstances, the medical professionals who incorrectly prescribed the addictive drugs to their patients should be held accountable for their negligence. This may require the expertise of an experienced medical malpractice attorney to make sure that those who are responsible for a patient’s opioid dependency are answerable for their neglect.

Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorneys Help Opioid Prescription Malpractice Victims in New Jersey

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