Discussion Surrounding New Jersey Legislation for Mandatory Testing of Infant Life-Threatening Heart Defects Continues

The New Jersey Herald reports that legislation continues to make its way through the New Jersey Legislature regarding mandatory testing for congenital heart disease and other life-threatening heart defects in infants. According to the article, medical experts have stated that about one in 100 children are born with structural heart problems, many of which are not diagnosed before birth. These heart defects can affect blood flow through the heart, lungs and brain.

If the new legislation passes, a pulse oximetry test would be required to be given within 24 hours after a child’s birth. This test measures the level of oxygen in the blood. The proposed pulse oximetry test is being referred to as a “significant and sensible step” toward early detection of potential risks to infants. Some forms of congenial heart disease could lead to serious health problems or death for a newborn baby if the condition is not diagnosed and treated soon after birth.

We trust that medical professionals will recommend or conduct proper screening tests for the well-being of their patients. The failure to timely diagnose a baby’s heart defect can lead to serious health risks and complications. If your baby has a heart defect or other birth defect which was not properly or timely diagnosed, your family may have the right to pursue a medical malpractice claim to recover for the injuries and harm suffered.

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