Crane Owner Charged in Fatal Construction Accident

The owner of a crane company is facing manslaughter charges after his poorly repaired 200-foot crane collapsed over a Manhattan apartment building and killed two construction workers. According to an AP News article reported in the Nashua Telegraph, the owner, and, a former mechanic were indicted in connection with this fatal construction accident. News reports state that the owner of the crane company, and, the mechanic hastily repaired the giant 200-foot rig with parts ordered online from a Chinese company.

The tragic construction accident occurred in May 2008 when the top of the crane snapped, and, came crashing down. Two workers were killed, and, one other was critically injured.

If the crane were out of operation it would have deprived the owners approximately $50,000. per month in rental fees. In light of this, prosecutors allege that the company had the crane hastily repaired because they wanted it to continue generating income from construction contractors who rented the equipment; putting profits ahead of the safety and well-being of workers and the general public.

In similar construction accidents, negligent parties can also be held civilly liable and monetarily responsible for the physical pain & suffering, emotional distress, and, the financial losses suffered by injured victims and their families.

In the construction industry, employers and providers of construction equipment and tools have the responsibility to follow federal, state, and other safety standards and procedures. They have a duty to workers, and, the general public to maintain a safe work site.

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