Construction Worker Dies After Fall in Ocean City

According to an article posted on, a construction worker was killed in a fall from the roof of a home under construction on Seaspray Road in Ocean City, New Jersey. The fatality has been confirmed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

The 30-year-old worker fell approximately 20 feet to the ground. Emergency responders performed CPR at the scene before the victim was taken to Shore Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. The accident is still under investigation.

Falls are the most common cause of fatalities at construction sites, according to OSHA. In fact, in the U.S.,  one out of three construction accident deaths are caused by falls.

While there are methods for preventing falls, a worker may not have control over hazardous situations caused by others. If a contractor or subcontractor cuts corners or otherwise performs their work negligently, or an equipment manufacturer’s poor design or negligent practices creates a defective product, or if employers of construction workers fail to provide proper and working safety equipment and a safe workplace environment, it may result in a fall.  In such cases various parties including product manufacturers, employers, and property owners may be potentially held liable for the injury or wrongful death that results.

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