CINJ Begins Clinical Trials for New Breast Cancer Medication

According to an article posted on, the National Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ), is conducting a clinical trial intended to evaluate the effectiveness of a new drug to treat metastatic breast cancer; this in combination with two U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved chemotherapy agents.

The clinical trial, which is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute Therapy Evaluation Program, involves combining the experimental drug ABT-888 with the two FDA-approved drugs cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin. ABT-888 is an agent that targets DNA repair. By stopping the repair of DNA damage, the chemotherapy agents may be able to kill more cancer cells than if given alone. It is too early to tell whether this new drug will help stop the spread of cancer cells in patients with breast cancer.

Cancer research studies, including clinical trials, are methods in which new treatments and new ways of utilizing existing treatments are tested. Researchers at CINJ use such studies to determine whether a treatment is safe and effective. However, it is agreed that the effectiveness of treatment, and overall prognosis, both hinge upon early diagnosis and timely treatment.

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